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Today’s stuff

Great day again today. Very tempting to go lounging around in the sun. Right now I’m trying to sync up some video footage for a wee project with the excellent Robbie Bronnimann. Off to the studio later to try out more Tilt ideas. Have a great day one and all… RB



I was asked by a friend today what instrument was being used in a piece of music he had referenced. It called a Ronroco and it’s a small double stringed guitar shaped almost like a Ukelele but bigger with a longer neck. I think they’re Peruvian. If anybody comes across one, could you let me know.




Website live

After many evenings of toil, coffee and Jaffa cakes, the website is finally up and running.
We have tested it out, but if you notice anything wrong or just plain odd, please let us know.
At the moment we have some video’s to watch and a few CD’s to buy or download.
The address is below… have a great evening.

Pete and Rob.