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Just got back from a short UK May tour with Fish. The idea was try out some of the new material we have been working on prior to recording the album in the last 2 weeks of June. We had a few technical problems at the start of the tour but by the end it was starting to sound like a band. The response to the new tunes seemed to have been generally positive as the live performance of them started to take some shape. Eric.. the electronic member of the band.. also known as a Roland SPD-SX, proved to be reliable, always on time & never complained. Met some great new people on the tour and it was great to catch up with so many old friends. We start recording in 2 weeks time with Calum Malcolm producing which i’m really looking forward to. Other than that, it’s 3 months in my studio working on projects including 2 new Pete & Rob EP’s of which we hope to get at least one finished for the gig on the 25th August in Aylesbury.

Best…. Robin