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Song 2 Bass Part

Recently we spent some time working on Song 2… great title I know but I’m sure it’s already been used. Song 2 is the highly imaginative working title along with song 1, song 3 etc. After getting some ideas going Pete found a bass part… kind of less is more. Very clever & works great against the Byrds type guitar chords. After getting some takes, we spent some time listening, editing, chopping and pasting.  A process which, whilst tedious to some, we both really enjoy doing. It’s a bit like being in a darkroom, it’s magic what you can do after taking the picture. (I know, cos I did a film photography course years ago in Brighton Uni. RB )

This batch of 5 tunes are songs and lyrics are being thought about. Not something that comes naturally… might even end being phonetic lyrics. It’s been difficult to get us in the studio at the same time this year, but we are persisting and keeping to our schedule of two nights a week as much as possible. It’s still great fun, no pressure and creative. There’s no deadline on the next EP, but it would be nice to get it done and finished sometime around March 2013. Our one gig this year in Aylesbury market Square in August went great and those that were there gave some really positive feedback. We were hoping to be playing at a small festival a friend runs down in Sussex called Applefest in October. If your into apples & all things cider then this is a great little event to go to. Unfortunately due to other commitments, neither of us can make it. Hopefully, well be able to do a few more gigs next year as the ‘Whimsy’ gets a little more organised.

We are currently looking at putting a video together for ‘Django’  off the 1st EP ‘Acoustic Industry‘ Preferably images from Paris 1930’s would be great as thats’s where Django lived, but it’s harder to find old footage than originally thought. If anybody has anything they think might be useful and doesn’t mind it being used (with credits if you like), could you let us know either from the contact form on this site or via the Twisted Note Records Facebook page.

Other than that, it’s sessions, writing, touring, recording for both of us over the next 3 months.

Have a great day.

Pete & Rob


Warwick Endorsement Deal

Early last week I signed an endorsement deal with Warwick Bass guitars. I often use my old Thumb bass, so it is a great pleasure for me to be back working with the company again.
This has been something that I and the Warwick team have been working on for some time. I met up with Daniel from the company late last year while touring in Germany and he invited me over to the factory just after Christmas. I had a fantastic couple of days in their workshops, live area and also looked round the historic Framus museum.
I already have my eye on a couple of new models so this is I hope the start of a new and long era of friendship for us.