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Website live

After many evenings of toil, coffee and Jaffa cakes, the website is finally up and running.
We have tested it out, but if you notice anything wrong or just plain odd, please let us know.
At the moment we have some video’s to watch and a few CD’s to buy or download.
The address is below… have a great evening.

Pete and Rob.


Website almost testing.

Spent all day today in the studio finishing some mixes for the current media job i’m working on. A real mixture of tunes & styles from Hip Hop to folky tunesmiths.  Great learning curve in terms of understanding how records are put together but not always music you would listen to if you had the choice. It has taught me a few fundamentals though, the biggest being.. there’s good music & bad music. Anyway… this is a test post… if it arrives in FB it works & then bed. If it doesn’t…. Bed. Life is to short. Have great evening… RB


Geeks & Nerds

Very nearly finished this website…. not sure I’d want to do this again as it’s taken up a lot of mine & PT’s valuable time + with Facebook & all the social interaction available today, you sort of question, is it worth it ?  In the long run, probably, especially as the idea is to get a Library Music service running from it eventually… Something FaceAche can’t do ( well not yet !)  On top of that, I’ve learnt a lot & gained a few skills on the way. When do I push the publish button ?… very, very soon.

Wherever you are.. Have a great day