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New Video for ‘Django’ from Acoustic Industry E.P


Before we go off on our musical jaunts over the next few months, we got together last Wednesday and sorted out a few loose ends as well eating PT’s most excellent home made Banana loaf…tasty !  A friend kindly put together a video for us using old black & white footage of Paris to the ‘Django’ track from the Acoustic Industry EP. It’s also on the Twisted Note Records You Tube channel. It makes us smile… hope you like !




Funny old week.

Tried to get on with projects this last week but it flew by. I spent a few days recording & being filmed as part of a documentary on Hojo. Nice bunch of people over from the states made up the film crew. A mixture of acoustic & Electric versions of the songs. Managed to get to see Prometheus one night… Amazing film, lots to think about, the odd cliche or reference to something else but a fantastic film. Still not quite sure what it all meant as it seemed to me a few holes weren’t filled but maybe the follow up will clear that up. Really liked the score.. Well worth going to see if you haven’t already. Monday is back in the studio getting on with the stuff I didn’t manage to get on with last week including editing some new Pete & Rob ideas we worked on before PT went to the States as well as the Tilt project with Steve Vantsis & Dave Stewart. Have a great week… RB


Studio Day

Mixed a media project today, played with Final Cut Pro X for half an hour ( I love it even though proper editors abandoned it in their droves, but then I don’t make my living from it ). Went for a head clearing walk & got soaked through from the British summer. Home, dry off before helping Mel organise a new exhibition in the gallery. Good day.. Tilt guitars to finish tomorrow.


Today’s stuff

Great day again today. Very tempting to go lounging around in the sun. Right now I’m trying to sync up some video footage for a wee project with the excellent Robbie Bronnimann. Off to the studio later to try out more Tilt ideas. Have a great day one and all… RB